Construction Security

The UK construction industry has a current annual turnover of more than £100 billion and is fundamental to the UK’s economic and social development.

Construction sites are a very attractive target for would be thieves and a quick look at the figures show the reasons why. The theft and vandalism at construction sites in the UK has cost the industry an estimated £400 million a year which is over £1 million a day.

We are specialists in providing construction security solutions to construction sites and void properties. At STN Security we are committed to ensuring that your construction site is fully protected. As one of the UK’s experienced construction security providers we employ only SIA Licensed and qualified security guards to keep all of your assets safe and secure.

As the leading security services provider to the major construction sector we have developed a range of security services that help clients deliver projects on time, safely and within budget. Our deep experience on these sites enables us to provide maximum asset protection from theft and fraud. Our clients have included some of the most high profile constructions in recent times, in London and around the whole UK.

By choosing a construction security solution from STN Security you can relax safe in the knowledge you have done all you can to keep your site secure so that your expensive materials and machinery won’t be damaged or stolen.

When you and your employees pack up and leave for the day the last thing you’ll want to be thinking about is whether or not your equipment and hard work will be as it was when you left it.

This is why we have robust systems in place such as dog units, security guarding, mobile patrols and wireless cctv systems, which can operate through the night when you’re not there and when your site is consequently most susceptible.

  • Burglar Alarms

    Our professionals are master in the remote and IP transmission services to decrease the cost of the customers. We ensure that your business and staff all must be protected by coping up with all the industry regulations. The burglar alarms include the indications or alerts such as smart water, wireless technology, panic attack alarms, smoke cloak, seismic detection and more. All the diagnostics and maintenance is done efficiently to get to the solution.

  • Security Objects

    Apart from all the technology used in our security services, we also incorporate in things like electric fencing, rising screens, automatic barriers and gates, palisade fencing and security with all the doors. By getting this in your business premises, you can keep everything safer.

  • Cohesive Security

    We have got cohesive security solutions for your business location for larger undertakings. Full site supervision and design management, all is there when you have got us. The solutions we conclude are made by keeping in mind your needs and requirements. The network security for the building includes, CCTV systems, barrier control, alarm monitoring, etc.

  • 24/7 Supervising

    The technical expertise used in all this is done to make sure that the solution generated satisfies our customers and fulfills their needs. The 24 hours security includes monitoring all day, recording, IP, backing systems, legacy connectivity and radio facility to meet all the security needs for the present and the future as well.

  • CCTV Systems

    Our company offers you improved solutions for monitoring your business in the best way. The CCTV system has got installations of video analytics, off-site storage, restoration, IP solutions, digital video recording, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), people counting and network video recording as well. All the installations done by our engineering and electronic professionals are durable and have made with such mechanism to keep the business updated with each and everything.

  • Right of Entry Control

    The technology used in all the mechanisms is fine and trusted. It allows the users to manage the people entering and leaving the building. These mechanisms have got full management control, access, monitoring, and scalability.

  • Remote Facilities

    The cost effective remote facilities we provide are totally supportive and advanced. Moreover, they are compatible with the industry requirements. GPS vehicle tracking, worker protection, helpdesk services, accessibility and building management are all provided by us.