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Manned Security

Manned Security

Our experienced personnel are ready to protect your property. We are here to provide physical defense for your well-being, whether it is in a complex, business area, office, or any retail-based location. Most of the buildings where services are transferred already have an access control system and an intruder alarm, and some have even updated to remote CCTV surveillance. Even if security systems must be purchased and installed, the annual savings compared to an ongoing guarding yearly service will be significant in the first year. It may be more expensive as a technological system, and systems may be defective. Manned security guarding service is suitable for a regulated setting where a hands-on approach is more efficient. Blind spots in CCTV will exist, and a criminal may choose to exploit them to get past the system. Having security agents roaming your premises means you’re taking a proactive approach to your company’s security and reducing the chances of an intruder being missed. The mere presence of a skilled specialist on-site can deter criminal activity. When you see a security officer, it means you’re serious about keeping your business safe. It demonstrates to a possible intruder that you’ve gone above and beyond in preventing crime and theft, increasing your chances of getting detected.


STN Security is readily offering superior guarding services in UK. We are working with blue chip clients and have experience of working in a wide array of sectors.


Our services are diverse just as the needs and preferences of our clients. No matter what organization it is, and what sectors our clients are working in, we are capable of providing security solutions at their best.


Get bespoke manned guarding services throughout UK. We are offering such security solutions that reflect the operational as well as financial requirements of our clients along with securing their corporate culture.


All of our site based security guards possess the security license and they are vetted rigorously. You can get market leading benefits with each package along with the best management support. With this standard, we recruit the best security officers, who can offer the best security solutions. We offer comprehensive training packages to our officers so that they can deliver the most reliable and up to date security services.


Our security officers are the first point of contact for our visitors as well as staff. You can take a sigh of relief with our services. Our employees have superior interpersonal skills. We can offer customer satisfaction with all our services.


Different corporate environments need different types of guards. But there is one thing that all corporate sectors demand, they need smart and alert security personnel, who can manage all kinds of security facets along with offering excellent customer service.


Our security solutions include:


Corporate security

We are dedicated to meet the business requirements of our stakeholders.We have uniformed team of security officers, who are capable of offering a wide range of complementary duties such as patrolling and of course manned guarding. We can also offer integrated electronic security solutions to provide you fully customized tailored services according to your security needs. The highest quality security personnel can professionally meet your security needs. Innovation, quality and commitment all will be offered readily at their best. We are offering fully transparent security solutions.
All the businesses that need corporate security at its best and the most sophisticated level will find managed security solutions. All this will come at competitive prices and at the highest standard of course.


House Security

Many high profile clients due to security threats need manpower on in other words security guards with some sophisticated security solutions. STN Security has highly sophisticated and trained staff members that are capable of meeting their security needs.


Control Room

Large organizations have their own control rooms. Our staff and training team will ensure ultimate security solutions. Your contract will run smoothly and efficiently without any interruption or security fears.


Reception Security and more.


Access control for management and administration.


Physical building protections.

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