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Event Security

Event Security

Our experienced specialists are equipped with the required training to handle mobs and other circumstances that could potentially cause injury to people or property damage during public events. We provide unique and integrated security solutions to all private/corporate or council financed events, with highly trained and licensed event officers and stewards staff. STN Security provides event security for various events, including music festivals, sporting events, and corporate celebrations. Our event security teams are well-versed in crowd control, vehicle entry/exit points, parking management, and dispute resolution. Security is required at all organized events, regardless of size, if only for health and safety reasons. Our event management team has a wealth of experience and can provide complete event support, including organization and planning, security surveys, and assignment instructions. Every event is unique. As a result, we will never recommend an off-the-shelf solution to you. The best approach to ensure that property and attendees are appropriately secured and that the event goes smoothly from start to finish is to use a custom event security solution.

STN Security has been organizing events on the request of the blue chip clients. We have an in-house division of security events which is a valuable addition to our portfolio. This has allowed us to deliver superior quality services and we are quite passionate about it. With our years of experience and knowledge, we have designated our every own STN events management team. Your event will be organized in the safest way possible. We can guarantee you security solutions that can offer peace of mind.


Meet the security challenges with STN Security


We understand all kinds of crowd management challenges for events. Whether it is a personal event, corporate event, large or small, high profile or high risk, we can offer you security solutions for all kinds of events. We know how to meet the challenges of security for all kinds with professionalism.


No matter what is the size or what is the risk associated, we truly understand the importance of securing an event. We offer a team of motivated and dedicated security professionals, who can provide a secure environment for you, your visitors, general public, or your guests. The events for which we provide security solutions include conferences, festivals, exhibitions, concerts, sporting events and even corporate events. We truly understand that no two events can be same. Hence, we offer tailored services to our clients that can fit their individual security needs.


We recognize that security personnel have to maintain balance while offering a secure environment. Hence, we can ensure that the people going to the events enjoy to their full and you also get peace of mind about the security of your guests. We can let you choose the desired security staff for your event. Our personnel are trained and competent and they possess all the interpersonal skills required for securing the environment.


Security meets professionalism
We have SIA licensed employees, who have received training. Most of our professionals have received accredited training courses. That means our staff is not simply going to be security experts, but they will have training beyond the regulatory levels.


Take a look at some of our secure event solutions:

• Protection of high profile
• VIP protection by designating a specialist team
• High risk events


For increased security, we can also carry out specialist security functions on request. These include:
• Search operations
• Technical surveillance
• Closer protection


There are such corporate events or high risk meetings where leaks or espionages are suspected. STN Security officers with specialist security solutions can ensure no trespasser even comes near the designated premises. No business information would be leaked as long as you have STN Security officers there to offer security. Our specialist staff will carefully screen the visitors and hence, no unauthorised person is going to come even near to the premises.

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